Monday, March 24

Hummingbirds and Killer Whales

We, along with sixteen other relatives, were on Galiano this weekend visiting Ally’s parents in a house and cabin that were packed to the rafters. With her mum’s health ailing, they had organized a feast that was a huge success. I tried to contribute to the evening by making my renowned Brussels sprouts recipe but unfortunately, and I blame it on unfamiliar cookware, I was disappointed with the result (all the more for me to eat).

The Pièce de résistance occurred towards the end of dinner when we spotted a small pod of killer whales just south of Porlier Pass which caused everyone (myself included) to run out onto the deck to watch them swim alongside the rocks. The whales, the family feast and the return of the hummingbirds were clear highlights of the weekend.

Returning home after two restless nights, I was less than eager to leave the bed this morning. My resentment to start the day was only hardened when I discovered it was 2C outside. Still, after two cups of coffee along with some encouragement from the wife I headed out down the Galloping Goose and toward town.

The day was gorgeous even if it was chilly, and after a long warm up, I started the session feeling relaxed and comfortable. The change of pace halfway felt surprisingly easy, mind you, the last tempo piece 36’ later wasn’t quite as fluid was the first.

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Easter holiday!

Friday: easy 1:24:18
Saturday: easy 44:56
Sunday: day off (unscheduled)
Monday: 2:25:21 with 2x(36’ MP + 6’ tempo)

[the photo isn't mine]


Eric said...

The last few entries (the surfing, the whales, the scenery, the food...) sound amazing. You are a lucky guy.

Contrast your weather with North Dakota, where 2C means a warm front must be coming in from the Gulf of Mexico (along with a 30 mph wind!). Can't wait for summer. Hell, even spring would be nice. Cheers!

Cliff said...


My training has been going so so :). As always, can train more. My last long run was yesterday and the legs felt stronger than I thought. So i take that as a good sign.

A lot of people have fears about the hills but I am ok with them. I haven't seen them though but with all the hill repeats I have done this year, I know I am as ready as I can be.

Michael said...

Yeah, I am a lucky guy (thanks for pointing that out). The last few weeks/months have passed with a speed that has left me standing still... I forget to look around.

Sorry to hear about your sorry weather, soon though, spring must be on the way?

Cliff, glad you're feeling strong, good luck come race day.

Anonymous said...