Wednesday, October 29

Feeling Better

It wasn’t half as cold as I expected it to be when I left the house this morning, I’ll take 9C over 2C any day. Not only that, but it wasn’t raining. Brilliant! It didn’t take more than a few strides for me to realize my right calf was still to-ight, more so the right side of the leg, and so I opted to postpone yesterday’s workout for yet another day. This of course means today’s workout will have to wait until the weekend.

But rather than a mundane sleepy stroll, this morning was different. I hadn’t been out for more than five minutes when I came across an accident. Apparently, the intersection wasn’t big enough for both vehicles at that hour of the day (everyone seemed fine). And then it was the Italian Bakery, God knows what hour they set up but the smell, wow, it almost had me running around in circles Sadly, they weren’t open.

All the best of luck to Mike who leaves for NYC, run well!

Training: easy but undulating 37:19