Thursday, November 1

New beginnings

The fatigue is so ingrained that a night’s sleep doesn’t manage to wash away the previous day’s filth, leaving me with a deficit that is growing perilously close to complete exhaustion.

My head hurts.

I like change, but, given my tendency for orderly fashion, I like predictable change, change that I have some semblance of control over (whether real or otherwise). But with the moving, renovations, now having to bike to work, preparing a Treasury Board presentation, all the while waiting to hear on a new job (ask me tomorrow)… I’m tired, no excuses, just tired.

And to rub salt further into the wound, given looming deadlines and my limited capacity, last week I decided to put my running on hold and have inadvertently jeopardized my plan to run Phoenix in January.

The pain in my head has intensified now sitting directly above my right eye socket.

But I now see that long looked for light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel. For the first time ever we have high-speed internet, the painting is finished (almost), the renovation (significantly) complete and I have begun to explore my new surrounding. And the kicker, Carter just called and we’re considering the idea of running to work (in the future)… the possibilities are endless.

Thursday: day off
Friday: day off
Saturday: day off
Sunday: day off
Monday: day off
Tuesday: day off
Wednesday: 49:53 easy
Thursday: 39:50 easy


Mike said...

While you're certainly going through a rough patch, remember the great hand you've been dealt and how fortunate you are to be facing these types of problems.

10 weeks to Phoenix, that's still a good amount of time for a veteran marathoner. 4 weeks to get the miles back up and get back to a regular long run, four weeks to get specific and sharpen up on pace, two weeks to taper and put it together.

I'm planning on seeing you in corral one. Make sub-2:40 one of those new beginnings.

Anonymous said...