Sunday, April 5

Boston Marathon (2-weeks out)

Two weeks out, yikes, at this point you’d think a prudent person might start counting the days.

After tallying up my weekly mileage, I was surprised to see that I had to go back five weeks to find a comparable volume. Apparently I’m not tapering, yet.

After surviving Wednesday’s epic session, I took the next couple of days easy allowing my legs to recover. Those living in Victoria have been blessed recently as for the first time since… September, it has been warm. Nothing wild and crazy but I believe the daily high’s have been inching toward the low-mid teen’s. Spring has arrived and I’m loving it.

On Saturday, I was supposed to join the group and run a controlled time trial (7.2k at 10kP) that went meters from my doorstep. Unfortunately, due to family commitments I was out the door at 8:00 and toeing my own line in the dirt (same course) at 8:25, alone. The opening minutes were horrendously uncomfortable and it wasn’t until I passed a friend at the 2k point, who jumped on my feet and chased me for the remaining 5k, that I started to loosen up.

I didn’t know what to make of the time at first, and with only my perceived effort as judge, I assumed it was poor. That said, when I punch my recent half marathon time into the Race Calculator, it predicts a 10k time of 35:33. On Saturday, my 25:35 was 3:33 pace; I was 3” ahead of schedule. I love spring time.

Jon’s moved my schedule around for the upcoming week to help with recovery, and, for the first time since being born, Isla slept through the night yesterday.


Thursday: easy 39:38
Friday: easy/steady 58:24
Saturday: 1:08:03 with 7.2k TT at 10kP in 25:35
Sunday: hilly 1:59:18

Weekly mileage: 7h40’54”, +/- 107k or 67 miles


Grellan said...

Nice time trail Michael, well on target. Time to get into taper mode.

Mark said...


Thomas said...

So, when ARE you going to start tapering then?

Mike said...

Great workout! It's certainly difficult to run a long time trial like that by yourself - good thing you found a friend out there.

Walter said...

Good for you Michael; it sounds like things are coming together:)

Chris said...

Isla slept through the night. That's because of ChrisKarma. Don't forget that.

Cliff said...

hey Mike,

Been stalking your blog on and off. Looks like you are very ready for Boston.

Anonymous said...

Mike! I am so excited for you! Sounds like you are ready for a great race! Good luck in your butt of and have fun!

Anonymous said...