Wednesday, April 15

Whatever happened to old-school chocolate?

I received an email from a close friend today wishing me good luck and stating that he “can’t believe it’s already Boston time”. The kind words were appreciated but only served to remind me just how much I still have to accomplish between now and 4:45 a.m.

I ran my last workout this morning on is quickly becoming one of my favourite training locations, Donwood. The circular loop overlooking the Blenkinsopp Valley offers a gorgeous view and a quiet place to train, today was no different. I eased into the session but by the third interval had to remind myself that I was supposed to be running 10kE not 5kP, I adjusted accordingly.

Jon and I discussed my race plan last night. It was during the conversation that I realized I’ve been allowing my watch to dictate my pace during my last few marathons. For better or worse, I don’t once remember running by feel. This is not to say that I’m going to run hell-bent from the line, but I’m going and be more aware of how I’m feeling. I think this strategy could pay dividends on a course like Boston where the first 16 miles are predominantly downhill and it wouldn’t be entirely surprising to see a few quick miles pass underfoot in the beginning. And, I fully anticipate Heartbreak Hill and Co. will offer an equal opportunity for me to collect slower than anticipated miles.

Finally, I have a gripe. Part of my pre-race/marathon routine includes getting my hands on a chocolate PowerBar (part of a healthy breakfast). Unfortunately, much like the problem I had in Sacramento ’06, I’ve been unable to find a regular PowerBar. I’ve seen everything from Protein Plus to Triple Shot with carbohydrates on the side, but I ask, “whatever happened to the old school Chocolate”?

Monday: day off (scheduled)
Tuesday: easy/steady 47:48
Wednesday: 49:25 with 5x3’ 10kE (1.5’)

P.s. Carter, thanks for joining me on one of my few remaining pre-race pints.


Lawrence said...

You know, I've wondered what happened to the chocolate power bar as well. I'm fond of these as well, but haven't been able to find one in a long while.

All the best in Boston.

Grellan said...

Best of luck in your final preparations Michael and good luck in your chocolate power bar quest. Looking forward to seeing your pre-race strategy unfold on the road from Hopkinton to Boston

Anonymous said...

Mike - come by the Powerbar booth around lunch time on Saturday or Sunday, and perhaps Pete and I can help with your chocolate dilemna. It's been a long time and it would be great to see you. I'll be running too, albeit quite a ways behind you! Malaika

Anonymous said...

Michael, Hope you have a great day in Boston. It's hard not to get wrapped up in the clock and have it dictate your race after the hard training , but remember the hard training days that you had where your body dictated you start slower and ended up have some great sessions, your body will tell you what it needs.

David and Cindy

by7 said...

good luck !!
seems you got a good training shape !!

Anonymous said...