Wednesday, April 8

Feeling Good

Thomas mentioned in his recent post that “a runner’s confidence is fickle”, I couldn’t agree more. After running home yesterday with tired legs, I was less than anxious to begin today’s session. But with both Isla and Ally tired, my window of opportunity was extremely small and I found myself out the door before I knew what was happening.

I jogged down the Lochside Trail for ten minutes before climbing a steep winding path that brought me up onto the embankment over looking the Blenkinsopp Valley. This was to be my battleground, Donwood Crescent. The circular drive in the heart of Broadmead is about 1.08km and was perfect for my workout, 4x1200 at 5kP on 2’.

I started at the top of the only climb and eased into the first interval, purposely not fully engaging until the 2’ mark. Apart from having to work the hill over the final 200m, the first repeat felt incredibly smooth. I made sure to repeat my performance the second time around, before gently pushing the pace on the last two.

3:37, 3:37, 3:36, 3:35 (3:20 pace/km or 5:22 pace/mi).

Given my last few workouts, I’m incredibly pleased at how comfortable this session felt. It also reminded me just how much I enjoy running fast on smooth surfaces.

Training: 49:41 with 4x1.08k (2’) 5kP