Sunday, April 19

Chasing the Elusive Unicorn

With Isla in bed an hour ago, I’ve finally been able to lay out my kit and put the finishing touches on my preparation. My checklist: 4 Gus, 1 PowerBar (for a late breakfast), socks, shorts, t-shirt, singlet, toque, gloves, hoodie, tights, shoes, waterbottle, Breath Right strip... I think that’s everything.

Tomorrow morning is bound to roll around fast enough, what with having to get up shortly after 4:00. The hotel has been kind enough to put on a free breakfast for the athletes, which starts at 4:30. From there, it will be up to the room for some light stretching, and then with a last kiss from each of the girls I’ll be out the door and down the street to catch the 6:00 bus to the race start. Oh, I’d best remember my iPod with my race not getting underway until 10:00.

It looks like the weather websites have finally come to agreement concerning tomorrow’s forecast. It should be about 4C at the start, 7C at the finish and with luck I’ll be running the entire thing under cloudy skies. This is near perfect as far as I’m concerned, but the 20 mph headwinds aren’t. Not much I can do about the weather though.

As for my outlook, I have an outside chance of sliding under 2h45, but not much more than that. Regardless of the outcome, I’m determined to enjoy the experience.

Until tomorrow...

Training: day off (scheduled)

Weekly mileage: 3h29’11”, +/- 49 or 31 miles


Anonymous said...

Hey Mike
I'll be at bus shuttle at about 6:15-6:20am. If I don't see you at the bus, there is always a powerbar tent in Hopkinton and I will try to go straight there once I get off the bus. Hopefully we will find each other. Cheers. Have a great sleep.


Michael said...

okay, the PowerBar tent it will be. i'll have a look for you and the buses too. hope you're feeling much better tomorrow. take care, i'll be think of you.

Grellan said...

Looks like you had a very tough finish Michael - another London? Rest well and enjoy the beers.

Love2Run said...

Enjoy your holiday and rest. Look forward to your take on the race!

Anonymous said...