Wednesday, April 1

The Workout

I hate this f’n 4C, feels like 0C, windy, light rain, no bloody sunshine weather.

Earlier this week I received the remainder of my marathon program. Immediately two things stood out, (1) how very near race day was, and (2) a monster session scheduled for today.

I truly wish I shared the same sentiment as Thomas who ran an eerily similar workout earlier this week. He sent me a note today revealing, “… I had actually been looking forward to that workout. Tough but achievable, that’s how I like them.”

It was with fear and anxiety that I approached today’s workout.

The session called for 4xBoston Loop with the first 2 run at 90% MP, and the last 2 at MP. Jon suggested hitting 4:00km and then dropping down to 3:50km. At 5.41km, the aim was to bring me around in 21:38 and 20:44 respectively.

Unfortunately, without a tracking device I was running blind which accounts for the first couple being a tad quick. I’ll have to check back with Jon and see how this was supposed to feel. Regardless, with soggy clothes and my temperature dropping, the end was a tad desperate. Still, with the w/o now in the books I’m really happy with the session and feel that it’s all downhill from here.

20:55, 21:20
20:39, 20:43

And to bring race day around that much sooner, I received my official Number Pick-up card in the post today. If I wasn’t excited before, there is no escaping the anticipation and enthusiasm now.

Until later ~ ciao!


Monday: (below par) day off/core (scheduled)
Tuesday: easy/steady 57:40
Wednesday: 1:57:51 with 11k 90% MP, 11k MP


Jaymie said...

I'm right there with you regarding the despicable weather. tired of being wet, muddy, cold. And doing endless loads of laundry! These days, though, I wish I was a runner for no bike to wash. What a production.
Happy to hear you are on track for Boston. I'm really looking forward to hanging with your girls and watching you guys cross the line. So cool.
Best of everything for the rest of the prep. Don't forget to enjoy the journey. You're strong, Michael.

Thomas said...

Can't help you with the weather, I'm afraid. Over here it was 2C this morning, freezing cold but dry. It's supposed to rain tomorrow, though.

Anxious or not, you nailed the workout. Well done.

I got my number pick-up card myself the other day. My main worry is that I forget to bring it. I'm half tempted to start packing already.

It really is that close!

Grellan said...

The excitement is building for the Boston Bound Brothers. The hard work is done - except for the old 26.2 bit in a few weeks.

Mike said...

Very solid effort there - looks like you're ready to go. Best of luck w/ the final prep, and enjoy the down time!

Love2Run said...

Nice to have a bit of fear going into a workout. Those are usually the run that turn out best. Nice job and glad you're feeling better.

Marc said...

Looking forward to seeing you in Boston!

Brad Cunningham said...

Wow. What a difference a year makes! That was a great workout you ran in crap conditions and on your own. Good on ya! Hope you enjoyed the weekend weather. I am jealous of and excited for you.

Anonymous said...