Friday, April 17

Boston Marathon (3-days out)

Traveling with a 6-week old baby was uncomplicated; traveling with a 6-month old more than manageable. But traveling with a very inquisitive child 2-days shy of her first birthday an entirely different situation.

I was up early yesterday morning so that I could squeeze in a short run prior to driving out to the airport. I don’t know whether it was running with sleep still in the corner of my eye, or the cold darkness, but my legs felt good. The flight out east was uneventful, but our arrival into Toronto was nothing short of fun & games, what with one botched landing and plenty of wind. Now possibly it was something I ate, a touch of Hicham’s flu or even the uneasy touchdown but I spent the rest of the evening swimming in a cloud of vertigo. I was convinced I’d never find the energy to run but surprised myself and was able to get out for a leisurely jog late in the day. Much to my surprise my legs felt very good.

After spending yesterday in Toronto with my sister, we were welcomed to Boston amid warm weather and sunshine. With this our first time in Beantown neither of us knew what to expect, but what we saw more than exceeded our expectations. That said, apparently the taxi cabs here don’t always accept credit, or at least Boris didn’t. Made for an awkward moment when I dashed across the road to the bank.

After settling with Boris the Cheat, we checked into our hotel and we’re very amazed with what we saw. Everything and everyone has been fantastic, especially Jimmy Fisher, a dear old man who on more than one occasion has made us welcome.

With the girls playing nicely, I snuck out for run early this afternoon and after looping around Boston Common, made my way down to the waterfront and thoroughly enjoyed a stroll along the Charles River. It was there that I ran into the one and only Mr. Ryan Hall. I waved... he waved back, and then I carried on my merry way. Surprisingly, that wasn’t the highlight of my run; the best part was the fact that my legs felt light and energetic. Looks like things are slowly coming together. And thanks to Malaika and PowerBar it looks like my breakfast needs will be taken care of tomorrow. How ‘bout that, your own PB fairly.

Until tomorrow ~ ciao!

Thursday: A.M. easy 32:11; P.M. 24:32
Friday: easy 33:43 with 5xstrides


Mike said...

Hey Michael - enjoy the experience, should be a lot of fun! You're ready, just go out there and do your thing.

Take in as much as you can on race day because I'm sure the whole thing's gonna fly on by.

Best of luck!

swhitfield said...

good luck Mike,


Thomas said...

Rubbing shoulders with the elite yet again - maybe he recognised you from London.

Don't wear out the legs before Monday, and see you soon!

Grellan said...

Best of luck Michael and enjoy the experience.

Mark said...

wooohooo you made it beantown. We'll see you for the pasta dinner tonite!

Love2Run said...

So cool to run into Ryan like that. It was great fun to meet, greet and eat with you tonite. Don't forget your hat!

Anonymous said...