Friday, April 10


I managed to schedule a sports massage with Janet yesterday where she confirmed what I already knew. My calves are tight, really tight. What I find surprising is that I stretched twice this week, perhaps some things are better left alone.

With us off to the Gulf Islands this weekend, I rearranged my program and ran my penultimate pre-race workout this morning. The plan was simple, 2x20’ tempo on my hilly Boston Loop. The distance and intensity wasn’t lost on me and I couldn’t help but scan my old programs for Ottawa, Sacramento and London where equivalent sessions were 60’ with 12x1’ (1’), 45’ with 15’ MP, and 30’ easy.

At any rate, after a leisurely morning with the girls I was out the door and enjoying a fine spring day. With my calves tight and race day in the not too distant future, I made sure to ease into the intervals, starting at closer to 90% MP and winding things up to HMP. Apart from a tense right shoulder, I felt in control and reasonably comfortable. One last sharpening session next week and then it’s race day (unfortunately you cannot witness the wide grin that has crept across my face).

I hope everyone manages to enjoy the Easter holiday with friends and family and until later ~ ciao!

Thursday: easy 30:05
Friday: 1:14:03 with 2x20’ tempo