Tuesday, April 7

[tahy rd]

Sitting at the computer this evening, a tumbler of Italian wine to my left, my Timex on my right, I unwittingly typed ‘tired’ into the dictionary.

“Exhausted, as by exertion; fatigued or sleepy; a tired runner”, how did they know? I long for the antonyms: rested; energetic.

If it weren’t for the sunshine and warm weather I don’t know that I would’ve made it home this evening. I left the office shortly after 4:00 and after jogging through the park, up and over Beacon Hill, I couldn’t help but notice how tied my legs felt. Perhaps it’s not to be unexpected coming off a relatively big week, perhaps.

With less than two weeks to race day, my focus now is on ensuring I’m rested… which reminds me of my last post, where I wasn’t telling the entire truth. You see, Isla didn’t quite sleep through the night, it was just the first evening that neither Ally or I went to her. A start, yes, but not quite nirvana.

Thomas had recently asked, “When are you going to start tapering?” Mate, from what I can tell, about four days before the race. No, my volume has been cut back slightly this week, but I still have two solid w/o’s, a 5kP session tomorrow and a HMP tempo piece on Friday. Then I start to taper.

As for race day, my draft plan is to take it out between 6:15-6:18 mi/pace and hopefully, with a bit of luck, positive split by not too much more than a minute. Hopefully.

Until tomorrow ~ ciao!


Monday: day off (scheduled)
Tuesday: easy/steady 56:11