Tuesday, December 18

2008 Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona Marathon

My ankle was acting up this morning more than it has in the last few days. I found this discouraging (and uncomfortable) but hope it has more to do with having not run yesterday, rather that it regressing. On a positive note, the tenderness has left the ankle and traveled up the back of the achilles; the fact that the soreness is moving is good right?

As I’m not working with a coach for this marathon, and following in last night’s footsteps, I’ve posted my draft training schedule for this marathon. For the most part, I’ve been reasonably consistent, but that might change this week with the holidays arriving and having to travel to the Gulf Islands. Over the next 3 ½ weeks I’ve got five key workouts (highlighted in blue) that I want to hit, everything else will be a bonus.

A.M. easy 39:28
P.M. easy 35:46 with 5xstrides