Saturday, December 8


I decided to forgo a scheduled light run on Thursday and rather focus on some proper rest and recovery. I can remember a few years back when the thought of missing a scheduled run would’ve caused me to breakout in hives, dragging my weary body out the door irrespective of my ability to perform. I think I’m a better person now.

Yesterday, deciding I had turned the corner, I stepped out into the icy silence of the night with Nickelback urging encouragement (Breathe), and after a gentle warm-up slowly started to turn the screws. It felt incredible. There are a few runs a year when, while still maintaining the calmness of an aged gunslinger, I feel that I can’t run fast enough. My legs can’t drive quick enough to keep up with my lungs, and for some precious minutes you feel unbeatable. This was one of those evenings.

This morning then, despite not thinking my legs were earning their keep yesterday, I’m reminded that all is not as it first appears. My aching legs, “Now I feel it, feel that I've been there, I didn't need this, somebody help me stand…”

Thursday: unscheduled day off (opted out of a light run)
Friday: 1:22:15 with 2x20’ tempo


Love2Run said...

Glad you're feeling better. That sounds like an awesome run on Friday. To feel like that on race day, eh?

Michael said...

One day maybe. Perhaps if you/I raced more often we could increase our chances? I remember feeling like that in two races, 1) a 10-k and 2) in a triathlon:)

Mike said...

Michael, I'm happy to hear you aren't feeling as sick anymore. There's certainly no shame in bagging a run, especially if it leads to a great one like today.

Anonymous said...