Monday, December 10


As left the front door, ambling down the gradual incline and away from our house, I couldn’t help but wonder when this bloody cold would rid itself of me, how long does it take? I feel I’ve managed to incubate the perpetual pre-cold, sore throat and sniffles, along with an unhealthy amount of self-pity. Enough!

Ten minutes later, and running on a new series of undulating roads I was a different person. I felt fantastic, strong and smooth, particularly given yesterday’s run. I’m always amazed at the apparent random nature of recovery, and favoring a good surprise, never attempt to analyze my training too much.

This last week was slated for rest and recovery, fortunate given my cold. I managed to squeak in 6h01’17” of running (approx. 85k or 53 miles). Looking ahead, I aim to make this week my peak volume (insert Rocky theme music) before gradually reining things back.

My week in review:

Monday: day off
Tuesday: easy 46:28 (sick)
Wednesday: easy/steady 44:10 (sick)
Thursday: day off (sick)
Friday: 1:22:15 with 2x20’ tempo
Saturday: easy 41:09 (sick)
Sunday: easy 2:27:15

Training: steady 53:03