Thursday, December 20

A turn for the good

After running to work yesterday morning, a slight detour after forgetting my work socks, I sat at my desk frustrated and discouraged with the lack of speed with which my ankle is healing. You’d think it would be a quick fix?

Twenty-four hours later, my demeanor had changed. Whether due to the reinitiated stretching or some achilles exercises, my ankle recovery appears to have made a turn for the good. This was confirmed during this evening’s bitterly cold workout.

Home a little late, I’m now off for what I hope to be a relaxing twelve days, the sun had already set by the time I’d reached the trailhead. After a light warm-up, I tentatively eased into the kilometer repeats (at this point I was looking for any excuse not be run). I was aiming to hit between 3:17 - 3:20, and without the regular feedback from a marked track, I was surprised with my accuracy. The even times had a slight uphill finish which probably explains the slower times, and the last 400+ meters of the last interval was run under a darkened (spooky) canopy of trees which may have attributed to the leisurely time, maybe (3:19, 3:19, 3:16, 3:22, 3:20, 3:23).

Although I’m happy with the w/o, I was surprised at the perceived effort I had to put in. That said, the last seven weeks have been predominantly about increasing my aerobic capacity, not my speed.

If you haven't already visited this page, check out Reid Coolsaet's blog; he's one of Canada's faster milers (1500m: 3:40.38, 5000m: 13:21.53 & 10 000m: 27:56.92).

Wednesday: A.M. easy 45:49, P.M. steady 59:52
Thursday: 1:14:44 with 6x1k