Thursday, December 27


It’s an overused cliché but I really don’t know where to begin. I can sense my emotions swirling around in my head but as time passes, they become diluted, confused with the past and an unknown future.

I spent too much of Christmas Eve in the hospital consoled only with the echo of a tiny heartbeat contentedly pulsating, oblivious to an outside world. I try to pull together my feelings but choose to let them slide through my fingers knowing that some questions are best unanswered. Or, perhaps enjoying the view of a glorious distant horizon while not wanting to fixate on the ground needed to be traveled.

We spent a relaxing and happy Christmas at my mothers and I managed to squeeze in a few runs, the more enjoyable of which led me atop Maple Mountain alone with Matt, four inches of snow and a set of very outsized cougar tracks.

After having accompanied Ally to another doctor’s visit, I now quietly sit back in Victoria wondering how to be emotionally strong when the mere question causes my eyes to brim with drops of fear. Ally is 25 weeks pregnant and tonight I’m praying she’ll make 28.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like I’ll be racing the Phoenix Marathon in January as my attention and energy over the next three weeks will be better spent here.

Sunday: day off (scheduled, swapped with Monday)
Monday: day off (unscheduled)
Tuesday: mountain run, 1:06:17
Wednesday: easy 1:08:42
Thursday: day off (unscheduled)


Thomas said...

Of course the baby is more important than some marathon. I wish you all the best.

Mark said...

My prayers are with you and Ally as everyday is important and one step closer to a healthy surprise.

Our little one came out at 24.5 weeks throwing both our running\life schedules for a big change. Having first rate medical staff and care helped in his first days to being a miracle of birth of two very proud parents.--just the same be very attentative to who\how well the care is being given--hiccups along the way happen and your being there can make a huge difference.


Cliff said...


I will keep Ally and the little one in my prayers....

Chris said...

All the best Mike.

Mike said...

Just be there Dad. I often feel the bond of fatherhood shared between parent-running-bloggers out there is stronger than the "running" bit that binds us. We're all hoping for the best.

Love2Run said...

Like Mike says. just be there and take good care of your family. I'll add my prayers that it all turns out perfect. Take care.

Lawrence Behan said...

Hope all works out. Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

CresceNet said...

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mj Dotson said...

Here's hoping and praying that you and your family have a happy and healthy 2008.
All the best Michael.

Anonymous said...