Monday, December 3

Rest and recovery

After two 90+ mile weeks I’ve decided to rein it in slightly and allow the body time to recover and absorb the increased volume; this weeks total being 10:32:05 (approximately 150 km, 94 miles). It was this spring, in March when I was last hitting these numbers with any consistency, and if memory serves correct feeling far more exhausted. I’m quietly content with my current progress.

Monday: 42:34
Tuesday: A.M. 37:26, P.M. 1:06:09
Wednesday: 1:11:24 with 10x800m tempo (30”)
Thursday: 1:43:08
Friday: A.M. 39:28, P.M. 56:27
Saturday: 1:20:54
Sunday: 2:14:35 with 2x20’ tempo

A question I was recently asked, and one I’ve been trying to overlook, is just how fast I aim to run in Phoenix. I’d like to break 2h40 (and know that I can), but question whether I’ll have amassed enough quality and quantity to reap such a reward. I additionally don’t want to sell myself short. I’ll mull this one over for the next couple weeks, for now, I’ll enjoy my Guinness in eager anticipation of next week… where the fun and games will begin.

Congratulations goes out to Mike who ran a very solid training run on his way to finishing 5th in the Tuscon Marathon on the weekend, stopping the clock at 2h41... well done!

Training: scheduled day off