Sunday, December 2


…is a type of avoidance behaviour which is characterised by deferment of actions or tasks to a later time. Psychologists often cite procrastination as a mechanism for coping with the anxiety associated with starting or completing any task or decision.

It’s raining outside, a lot! The snow has all but gone as a result of the damned Pineapple Express, which in a world of overdramatization, is the news anchors way of grabbing our attention. It’s cold (2C) and wet, very wet; “they” are calling for 30-40 mm of rain. My brother spent the night as the road conditions were too bad to make it home, as a result we had a relaxing morning trading stories about new houses and future children (he wife is excepting their second child).

He left for work and I had every intention of heading out, but was stopped in my tracks as I peered out our doorway which was more reminiscent of the backside of a waterfall. So, I sit here, waiting for the rain to subside and drinking my second cup of Earl Grey tea (hand delivered from London). I have some work I could do but that would be pushing it.

I made the mistake of checking the forecast as I "was" getting ready; "they" have just posted not one, but two Weather Warnings (a snowfall warning and a wind warning)! I know, I'm whining. I'm going, really...

That was bloody cold. When my head and fingers thaw, I might decide to write more. As it was, I suffered through more than enough sleet and should it snow in Phoenix, I'm confident I will be prepared.

Training: 2:14:35 with 2x20' tempo, + 10'


Brad Cunningham said...

I looked out at the 15cm of snow over here and thought to myself, I need a rest day.

You are a better man than I.

Michael said...

Come on, you are the best and yes, after two solid races, you deserve a rest day (well done on both accounts).

P.s. I'll be living through you come Boston this year, enjoy all your rest prior to January.

Mark said...

despite the rain, the Earl Grey tea sounds good and real nice job on the long run.

Love2Run said...

In my books those are the worst possible conditions to run in (1-5C and wet). I'll take -20C any day over that mess. Great run!

Anonymous said...