Tuesday, December 11


On a scale from one to exhausted, I’ve self assessed myself at very tired (just this side of shattered). My evaluation is rather disconcerting given that I’m on day two, of seven, amidst a potentially very heavy week.

The day started well, I met Carter at the bottom of the trail outside my place and we meandered along the Galloping Goose towards town. Victoria is a sleepy city at 6:30 in the morning, and very dark, the sun not rising until 7:56 (conditions that favour winter naps not frigid exercise). Regardless, the journey was short and the company terrific; if it wasn’t for it being a weekday, I almost suggested continuing our run, out along Dallas, passed the breakwater and home back home along the waterfront. Those were better days, different days, when responsibility meant dressing yourself and morning would last all day.

The run home was okay, but I think I was subconsciously carrying the burden of an utterly unnecessary and very distracting morning discussion. Rest assured my actions were supported; unfortunately, I was placed between the preverbal rock and a hard place and feelings were hurt (thankfully not mine).

On a very positive note, I was offered a new and challenging job, one that after talking it over with the missus, I will accept. More responsibility and more opportunity, I like it!

A.M. easy 41:48
P.M. easy 59:17