Wednesday, December 12


Despite not having any company, my run in this morning was pleasantly enjoyable. Perhaps it was Jack Johnson, or the extra hour of sleep, at any rate I felt like a man in the midst of a 100 mile week. I started out cautiously, as one might on a path littered with black ice (slipping twice), but nearing town started to wind things up, cognizant though of the evening’s workout. After feeling so tired last night I was surprised to find strength and snap in the legs.

After work, I headed out along the waterfront feeling light and comfortable. I miss the old hood, the Olympic Mountains a distant purple hue in the distance. Unfortunately, about 15’ in I rolled my left foot while running on the grass and subsequently pushed off awkwardly with the right resulting in a strain. Bugger it all! After plying soccer for so many years, I pride myself in having strong ankles… it’s time for a bit of footie again. With a tight timeline to keep, and 1h+ from home I decided to carry on. The workout was descent, the first three intervals feeling great, but fading slightly on the last (the foot starting to tighten up).

I’ve got an easy 45’ on the schedule tomorrow, but will have to see how the body is holding up.

I think I need some new shoes.

A.M. steady 38:14
P.M. 1:21:42 with 4x10’ tempo (2’)