Friday, December 14

McDonald’s Christmas tree

Last night, with flaks strategically stowed, a friend in I decided to take in all that was Christmas and walk the halls of the Empress Hotel, drinking in the bountiful varieties of festooned trees. This one caught our eye, as it was the only white tree and made entirely of feathers, chicken feathers. Note the five naked birds at the foot of the tree. What next, McNuggets?

Yesterday, I decided to test the ankle and once out the door probably should’ve turned around. Instead, I plodded on along the Lochside Trail silently cursing each time my right foot hit the ground.

The run didn’t do anything to aid recovery and I couldn’t help but think my marathon preparation was over.

Today, perturbed, I headed out and although I could feel the ankle almost immediately the pain didn’t progress. The ankle definitely feels swollen and is tight, the loss of flexibility noticeable but hopefully things are on the mend. This was supposed to be my peak volume week, but the this new injury and the linger aftereffects of last week’s cold, I’m not optimistic about hitting my target.

Mike, should you read this take note I didn’t complain about the weatherJ.

Thursday: easy 39:31
Friday: easy 1:25:04

[Photo courtesy of Jim Finlayson]


Mike said...

If you thought the weather in Sacramento was nice in December, you'll love Phoenix in January. Let's just get you there in one piece, shall we?

Thomas said...

Are you still planning to run in Phoenix?

Michael said...

I'm with you, arriving healthy would be a fantastic start. I was feeling sorry for myself a few weeks back (weather related), then I saw what Eric was faced with, needless to say I changed my tune.

Thomas, yeah, I'd still like to run Phoenix. The training hasn�t been ideal, but with the new baby on the way in April I�m afraid if I don�t take the opportunity I may have to wait until the fall. Still, there are a few weeks left, now all I have to do is decide how fast I want to run:)

I�m looking for good/big things from Mike!

Thomas said...

Michael, I'd definitely be interested in your training from your ultra days. Don't worry if you can't find your old logs, but if you do happen to stumble across them, I'd love to hear the contents.

Anonymous said...