Sunday, December 16


I feel I’m closer to that figurative “line in the sand” than I want to be, and after a little self diagnosis (and a remark from Mike), I’ve decided not to go forward with tomorrows run but rather help the missus with some Christmas cards (scotch in hand). Although I’ve managed to slip the lingering affects of the cold I’m still carrying two battle scars. A few weeks back while running in the ice and snow I pulled a muscle deep in my left hamstring, nothing serious, but something that skulks to the forefront late in a two-hour jaunt. That and my ankle is still sore; I’m able to run on it but it’s tight (and sore now).

That said, I managed to close the week out with 10:31:01 of running under the belt (approximately 150km, 94 miles). Although I had hoped to hit 100 miles, know that I’m very pleased to settle where I did.

Yesterday I decided to put the ankle to the test and headed into the hills like a man overcome (and ignorant of the following day’s w/o). Regardless, I felt like an aerobic freight train and was content to roll with the punches.

Today, with Hicham closing out his own (and first) 100 mile week, we set off into the farmlands. After warming up, I progressed into the w/o hoping to move between 3:35-3:37. While in the trees, I kept a consistent 3:30-3:35 but during the second interval, with a “massive” tailwind I clocked a 3:07 and laughed. I thought I’d misread my watch, but a few minutes later once turned around we ran into a veritable brick wall and proceeded to struggle back through the open fields. Hicham kept me honest/put the fear of God in me during the last interval, after which we dragged out beleaguered bodies home.

The next few weeks will be gradually lighter but unlike the last two marathons, I’ve decided to keep the volume slightly higher.

Saturday: A.M. strong hilly 1:23:22, P.M. easy 28:58
Sunday: 2:00:02 with 2x10’ tempo, 60’ easy, 10’ tempo


Mike said...

Great miles this week Michael. I like the idea of keeping the volume up a little higher until a bit closer to the end myself. Glad to hear the ankle stood up to two hours in the wind.

Chris said...


How badly did you turn your ankle? I turned mine last night, it is wrapped now, I am sure I can run on it, but yours seems to still be sore...have you wrapped it, done any physio type work....etc etc...?

You mileage looks good. '100' is only a figure, 94 is pretty darn close - good for you.

Cliff Tam said...


That's a very impressive mileage. I have been catching up on your blog for a while. I guess running a 3:07 shows that your ankle is fine :)

Michael said...

Mike, I agree 100% with you. During my last few builds, once I've hit the final �peak week� I tend to slide into a mental & physical freefall and probably taper too soon (something I can't afford this time around).

Thanks for all the concern regarding the ankle, It's stiff today, but no worse than yesterday (and better than Saturday).

Chris, I don't know that I turned it rather than put it out of place (perhaps both). It's very stiff but not sore to touch (that said, I've avoided prodding it).

Thanks for the comment Cliff. I was happy with the 3:07 but I had a massive windstorm at my back (I can't take credit for it), but yes, the ankle held.

Anonymous said...