Friday, April 11


With the day hinging around one of two phone calls, I reluctantly got up early and was out the door far sooner than I would’ve liked. Although the legs were heavy or perhaps groggy due to the early hour, I was surprised that they weren’t sore from yesterday’s effort. I’ll take my blessing in whatever form they come.

I strolled down the Lochside Trail with the birds beginning to wake and the sun casting it’s golden rays upon a quiet dawn. Since moving to this neck-of-the-wood in October, I don’t know that I’ve ever had an early morning run that wasn’t in complete darkness. I welcome the change. Better yet, after moving the lawn this afternoon I treated myself to a rare midday Speckled Hen.

For better or worse, we didn’t receive either phone call today.

Training: easy 27:11 with 4xstrides