Tuesday, April 8


After being ill for five days I knew I was on the mend when this morning I started daydreaming about running. Looking back, I'm not sure what triggered the event, but as I was eating my breakfast I started to reminisce about the preparation I did for London. Moments later, I was at the computer flicking through photos that Carter and I took, post-race, as we went for a celebratory pub-crawl of sorts.

My return to running this afternoon couldn’t have been more welcomed and the weather cooperated. It must have been only seconds after leaving the house that I ran into a drenching wall of drizzle, that proceeded to keep me company as I weaved my way through Mt. Doug. During the last few kilometers, I remembered that I had scheduled some strides and was surprised at the snap in my legs. Upon returning home, my legs were covered with mud, my heart was pounding and I had a huge grin on my face.

Training: undulating 1:13:03 with 6xstrides