Monday, April 7

Luxury Removed

Today I felt markedly better than I did yesterday, so much so that I contemplated running. I didn’t.

Me not running even confused Ally as while preparing dinner she inquired, “Aren’t you going out for a run?”

“No it’s Monday, I don’t run on Mondays”

“Yeah, but I thought you might try and make up for yesterday”, if only she knew.

This morning I was reflecting on my season, what little has transpired, and trying to pull the framework out from the mist. I’m happy thus far, and should be as I set two personal bests and it’s only April. Still, with me wanting to run Boston next spring I was disheartened to find that the qualifying window begins on September 29, 2007. This is unfortunate as I was hoping to use my 2:45:09 from last year, May 27, last year. This means that should I run Ottawa this year, I don’t have the complete luxury of enjoying a gentle stroll down the Rideau Canal. Currently, I’d be happy to run 2h50, we’ll see.

I now wish I’d run today.

Yup, still waiting…

Training: day off (scheduled)


Thomas said...

Surely you won't have any problems running a BQ any time you like, even after a baby break.

Love2Run said...

I'm pretty sure that any time under 3 hours will get you in the 1st or 2nd corral. Then it's clear sailing after the 1st mile!

We're still waiting (for you) too! Take care.

Brad Cunningham said...

2:59 gets you into the second corral this year.

I had to run Victoria last year to get a BQ because my other marathon was run 3 weeks before the cut off date! I know your pain.

Michael said...

Thanks. That is my goal then, sub-3 hours, if things go well, 2h50! I'm even contemplating not wearing a watch but that might be too silly.

Anonymous said...