Wednesday, April 2

Under the Weather

I’ve been feeling exhausted the last few days and today was no exception, only this morning I woke up with a throat that was sore… definitely not what I need at the moment. I decided to remedy that situation, and picked up a packet of Fisherman’s Friends on the way to work. They helped.

When it came to running this evening I had considered tacking on an additional 30’ to make up for yesterday’s shortfall, after two trips up Mount Doug and a stitch on my left side I dragged my sorry ass home pleased only to make today’s goal.

This evening then we began round #2 in our 80’s flashback. Last week, in an attempt to escape the present, I rented Goonies, E.T, and Ferris Bueller's Day Off, it was brilliant. As I sit here typing, Ally has Some Kind of Wonderful paused (tomorrow it’s either Romancing the Stone or The Breakfast Club).

Still waiting…

Training: hilly 1:02:03


Brad Cunningham said...


in the vein of 80's, you and i are tomax and xamot! same feelings, stitch on the other side!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there you guys! We're so excited for you!!! Mar

Anonymous said...

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Grellan said...

Breakfast Club

Mike said...

Hmm. You need to throw some John Cusack into the mix. May I suggest "The Sure Thing"? Anthony Edwards actually has a full head of hair in that one.

Soon enough you won't be able to stay awake through a whole movie, so enjoy.

Eric said...

Some Kind of Wonderful was one of my favorites way back. The soundtrack was actually the first CD I ever owned, and was the first CD played in my first CD player.

I'm not even that old, and that makes me feel old.

Has Ally been 'nesting'?

Michael said...

Mike, I like your recommendation of The Sure Thing, you�ll be happy to know that it�s on the list (we need to finish The Breakfast Club first though).

Eric, you and Ally definitely share the same appreciation for Some Kind of Wonderful, she was singing and finishing the lines before they were said... quite cute.

I�m not 100% sure that she has started "nesting" but there have been other signs. Unfortunately, when I look them up I get a generic two weeks to one-hour window.

We continue to wait.

Anonymous said...