Monday, April 14

Lessons Learned

The History
[spring 1995 and it was my first season as a triathlete; my early season goal was marathon, followed by a slow four-month build to Ironman Canada in late August]

It was Tuesday, May 2, six days before my second ever marathon. A friend, Norm, told me a bunch of guys were going for a ride that morning and wanted to know if I was interested. As I was racing the marathon that weekend, I told him I was game as long as the ride was no longer than 2h. I never trusted Norm again.

Bringing only one water bottle and no food, and in the company of strangers, I returned home after a 5h07 (143km) ride completely spent. That Sunday (and I quote), “Ran with Malcolm, paced at around 5’/km, split in 1:42:XX, felt good. From 21-34 paced 5’/km, steady, then progressively picked it up, felt fantastic, good kick – 3:22:02”. Not one to stay down, the following Sunday I rode back out to Jordon River, the same 143km passing in 4h42.

The Present
Not being able to run on the weekend, this afternoon I was given a get-out-of-jail-free card and after work took the opportunity to sneak out for a long(er) run. Again, not wanting to stay down, I reacquainted myself with the scene of last Thursday’s debacle. It was Karl Marx who said, “The only antidote to mental suffering is physical pain”, tonight I wound it up.

Ally continues to be a star, displaying only the patience of Job. On a sad note, her mom was checked into palliative care this afternoon…

Sunday: day off (unscheduled)
Monday: 2:20:08 with 55’ easy + 10x30” (30”) + 40’ MP (5’) + 15’ MP (5’) + 5’ MP