Saturday, April 26

Pre race considerations

It’s the night before my first race in what feels like months and I’m absolutely knackered. I’m happy mind you, I managed to play around in the yard today (planted a rhododendron and some else), snuck in a light jog and even managed to visit with friends. Still, what I wouldn’t kill for an extra few hours. The race start is going to roll around far too quick which means my alarm clock… it’s going to be dreadful.

I still haven’t decided how I’m going to tackle the race. I know I’m not in half the shape I’d like to be and as such I was contemplating toeing the line in board shorts and a cotton t-shirt, that was until I picked up my race number. It’s seems someone out there (Bob/Sylvan) has shown some heart and decided to put we with the elites, #40. I don’t dare disrespect the race which means tomorrow is going to hurt.

Friday: easy 39:27 with 4xstrides
Saturday: easy 30:36 with 4xstrides