Friday, April 4

A Night Off

There was some work that I had committed to finishing yesterday and as such, I dragged my less than enthusiastic butt to the office. Two hours later, I had everything nicely wrapped up and out the door, and was minutes away from going home when I received that dreaded email.

“Mike, the presentation you prepared is on the agenda for 1:00, see you then”

What was happening, I was told one of the Executive Directors would be giving the presentation? A few hours later, I was leading an inspiring discussion on financial statement presentation with all the CFOs on board.

Although I didn’t get to rest as much as I would’ve liked yesterday, I did take some of my own advice (done rarely) and decided not to run, but alternatively exchanged it hour a 90’ nap.

Training: day off (unscheduled)


Grellan said...
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Grellan said...

Sound like a rest was the order of the day - took that advice myself.

Thanks for the advice re: daniel's Running Formula (2nd Etition) - I actually have it and find it very good. His easy pace is a bit easier than McMillan et al. You're bang on with the 52-53 VDOT (48-49 last year).

Have a good weekend and hope the timing re: Ottawa and baby works out.

Anonymous said...