Wednesday, April 16


It has been a welcomed quite and relaxing evening. I’m sitting here now with a wee dram of Grant’s savoring a “deliciously complex, long, smooth taste” that I’ve come to love.

A few weeks ago, after getting sick on the heels of a near 100 mile week I decided (Seamus don’t shoot me) to revise my current training program. It wasn’t so much that I changed it, but I rather made an alternate version to accommodate for any lack of sleep, energy, desire or speed. As an example, rather than run a 50’ tempo, I might opt to choose 4x10’ tempo (2’).

So, given that I ran my long run on Monday I’ve been trying to decided where to compensate for the loss of a day. Yesterday was simple, I was tired and my feet hurt, it was 25’ or nothing. Today though, after consulting the schedules my decision wasn’t any easier as I had planned the same for both: Tuesday 90” with 6xstrides, and Wednesday 60’ easy… I compromised and headed into Mt. Doug for a soul rejuvenating jaunt.

To Seamus, Marilyn, Hicham and everyone else racing the Sun Run this weekend (a 10k race in Vancouver which as of Tuesday had 54,000+ registered participants) remember this quote from Pre, “Something inside of me just said 'Hey, wait a minute, I want to beat him,' and I just took off."

Yup, still waiting.

Training: hilly 1:09:25