Sunday, April 27

Times Colonist 2008 10k

It wasn’t pleasant. Still, I ran better than I feared under near perfect conditions and for that I’m thankful. If nothing else I ran a PB as a father, which must count for something?

Ally and babe had hoped to cheer me on but after a late night/early morning, I was lucky to make it to the race myself. Despite the 10,000+ participants I didn’t have any trouble finding parking and after a short break at Starbuck’s I headed into Beacon Hill Park to begin my usual warm-up routine: 20’ with 4’ tempo - I try to finish about 20’ prior to the start so that I can stretch and relax.

The race start is tight with everyone funneling down a slight grade prior to a sharp right hand turn. This year wasn’t any exception as I had my heals clipped twice during the first 200m.

My plan, which was loose, was to aim for 3:30/km and assess how I felt midway. I settled into a nice group with Marilyn and Walter and despite trying to bridge-up several times during the race I couldn’t close any ground.

Walter and Marilyn slipped back on a hill about 5k but I managed to close the gap on a lone solider in no man’s land and we worked together over the final 4k. All things considered, I’m happy with the race which translates into a 2:45:29 marathon. My (running) priority over the four weeks is to a) maintain some consistency and b) tuck a few longer runs under my belt. Results here.

3:30, 3:26, 3:30, 3:34, 3:35 (17:35)
3:43, 3:40, 3:27, 3:38, 3:28 (17:56)

Congratulations to Seamus who ran a solid race despite lacking any strength and still finished second with a time of 30:36! Oh, and this is Isla (day #1), I’ll try and post a few more in the next day or two.

Training: 1:21:17 with Times Colonist 10k 35:31, 45th OA, 8th AG


Love2Run said...

Oh yeah, by the way Isla is one little cutie pie! And nice work out there on the race course with 10,000 people chasing you! Were you running scared?

Jarhead said...

Gorgeous little girl you two have there! Congrats again!!

Thomas said...

You've got a real cutie there.

Marc said...

Michael - You and Ally have a beautiful child, what a blessing. Welcome to parenthood, it is a wonderful journey.

Grellan said...

Great race and what a peaceful looking baby - looks like she'll give you and Ally no trouble. Once sleep deprivation becomes the norm you'll wonder what all the fuss was about. A bit like interval training really - it's a matter of adjustment.

Ottawa here you come!!!

Anonymous said...