Sunday, April 6

Best Laid Plans

On Friday I felt like absolute shite. A low level cold that had been lurking in the shadows decided to show itself in force and consequently sap a disproportionate amount of my energy leaving me drained, sore and feeling sorry for myself.

I watched my only window of opportunity to run pass by and didn’t care. I went to inform Ally of this and 20’ later found myself jogging down the Lochside Trail wondering how I would adjust for missing the scheduled 6x1k. With the legs lethargic, I decided on some speed work and if nothing else wanted to give myself something to feel sorry for. I ran surprisingly well. My lungs seared.

Yesterday, I was out with the clinic for a great run from Mattick’s Farm, down the peninsula, over Bear Hill and back around Elk Lake. With the pace effortless, I was lulled into a false sense of wellbeing and decided on calling Carter to keep me company this morning. I’m glad he had other plans.

I woke today feeling worse than I did on Friday. Still, with the sun peaking out between the clouds and the temperature still uncharacteristically cold, I set out determined to run 2h40. It was while running through Bow Park, passing the 40’ mark that I questioned my resolve to continue for another 2h. My tenacity was first-class but something else made me second-guess myself and rather than continue into Mt. Doug, I veered west and was home moments later. Missing the run makes me question my resolve to run Ottawa, if it wasn’t for my wanting to run Boston next year.

After a two-hour nap I salvaged something from the day as Ally and I planted out first vegetable garden – beets, onions, radishes, kale, rosemary, thyme, sage and parsley.

Still waiting…

Friday: 42:53 with 10x1’ hard (1’)
Saturday: easy 2:09:41
Sunday: easy 52:05


Eric said...

Funny, I'm in the same boat. Saturday, I just wasn't feeling right, and had a bad workout, then Sunday had a long run cut short by fatigue. Still feeling weak and tired this morning. I've been able to avoid getting any cold symptoms by using zinc, but my system wiped out. The wife and kids have all had it, so I'm the last one standing.

Hope you feel better shortly. Cheers.

Anonymous said...