Monday, April 21


“Every child begins the world again...” – Henry David Thoreau

Wow, becoming a father is like nothing I ever expected and all of it better. I can’t begin to put into words the feeling that wells up inside when I catch myself reflecting on recent events; I think intense jubilation best sums it up.

Ally returned home from the hospital this evening and is recovering well. Pregnancy suited her and she continues to carry a cheerful smile.

Isla has figured out feeding and when not sleeps contently. She has spent the last two days in the special care nursery and with some luck, we’ll be taking her home on Thursday morning (pictures soon).

I had hoped to get out for a longer run this morning but my heart wasn’t there. I headed out on our hilly 10-mile loop and then looped around the lakes. I felt smooth and strong but after about 1h20 the temperature dropped and I found all the reason I needed to return home early. I had hoped to log the second of my scheduled 2h40 jaunts, but having missed both now I’m going to have to adjust my training (again).

Saturday: day off (unscheduled)
Sunday: hilly 46:30
Monday: 2:03:14 with 4-mile tempo


Jarhead said...

Mike & Ally,
Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful daughter. Having a family is the greatest gift of all, and the best adventure ever...

When you two start thinking about a babysitter, I'm sure Tori would love to help you out ; )

We are also very sorry to hear about Ally's mom and are sending our thoughts your way.

Donald & Tori

Anonymous said...