Tuesday, October 28

The Aftermath

My calves hurt.

They are forecasting rain in Victoria over the next four days. Whenever the weather office gives that sort of prediction from now through March, four days could easily turn into forty. No really. With that in mind, I left the office determined to enjoy what might be our last sunny day for a while.

It didn’t take me more than a few steps, one actually, to realize that my aforementioned calves were still sore and incredibly to-ight from the XC race. As a result, I opted to postpone (perhaps permanently) today’s workout and rather enjoy the evening for what it was… absolutely gorgeous.

My journey home took me up and over Beacon Hill, and along the waterfront soaking up a breathtaking setting sun. From there I weaved my way up Lotbiniere, before making a beeline for Mount Tolmie and finally a saunter down the Blenkinsop Valley.

[the photo is from the XC race and despite how I felt, I apparently did have enough energy to get both feet of the ground at once]

Monday: day off (scheduled and much needed)
Tuesday: easy undulating 1:10:09


Brad Cunningham said...

My calves hurt as well! My left one more than my right one; what about you?

Mike said...

Michael - did they start Masters at 35yo and Seniors at 40yo? I'm used to Masters starting at 40, and I think they call 35-39 "sub"-masters around here.

Love2Run said...

And then there are the Veterans at over 50... That's a great picture of you 'floating' along. Looks like you are really working hard. Rest well.

Marc said...

Michael - Sounds like you had a great time at the xc race - well done.

Glad you were able to scrap the workout and enjoy a nice run.

Alas we are entering the fall/winter weather season. Not fun.

Let me know if you need some help with the Ark.

Michael said...
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Mike said...
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Michael said...

It's my right calf that is bothering me. Running in this morning was better and I'm going to try a w/o tomorrow.

Senior Men (open) = 19 years +
Masters = 35 years +

Anonymous said...

Oh, so senior was essentially open. I was wondering how Jon Brown was in a senior division. I guess by senior they meant at least a HS Senior?? :-)

Sorry, didn't mean to delete your comment Mike.

Anonymous said...