Friday, October 24

The Storm before the Calm

Coasting home this evening the world was quiet and undisturbed. I don’t recall seeing another soul on the trail but I do remember it being awash with golden leaves under and patchwork achromatic sky. IT would have been a perfect day to race, it was also a perfect Friday.

My run to work this morning felt fantastic, not that I my stride was light, but due in part to a late night with Isla and my desire to not over extend myself, my run was a much welcomed relief. It was almost on par with yesterday’s first sip of coffee while sitting outside Habit and watching the early morning traffic stumble by. Almost, but not quite.

I don’t remember feeling a) this excited while b) incredibly under prepared for a race in quite some time, perhaps ever. My running gear is out and nicely folded on the dresser and my new shoes are nestled inside my kit bag. Here’s to option #6 and whatever it requires.

[due to Isla’s new found love of watches I’m exactly sure of the duration of today’s jaunt, oh and we now have two teeth]

Training: easy 37:XX


Thomas said...

Ha! A storm before the calm is literally what we have here in Ireland at the moment!

Good luck, and may the teeth not bother your little precious.

Brad Cunningham said...

hmmm...underprepared....i will join you in that camp. and i was saddened to see that you get to finish before me - who else am i going to run with on the 5th lap?

see you soon!

Anonymous said...