Wednesday, October 15

Brass Monkey

… okay it wasn’t that cold, but riding into work this morning I lost most of the feel in my fingers. I checked the temperature once I’d arrived, 2C. It must’ve been colder than that.

Given I’m still recovering from a cold I opted for a light run home rather than repeat the past and say, run a bunch of intervals burying myself into the ground in the process. Surprisingly, my legs felt light and my stride was comfortable. The only drawback was the bucketing icy rain during the last five minutes that once again left me chilled.

Oh yeah, I received my official acceptance from Boston today. What I’m looking forward to now is finding out whether I’ll be in the first or second corral. For those who have done it before, where would a 2h53 qualifying time land me?

Training: easy 35:44 with 4xstrides


by7 said...

i did it in 2007, with Qualifying of 2h53 and I was in the 2nd corral (bibs from 1000 to 1999).
But actually I lost only 3-4 seconds to cross the line...
I think the cut for the 1st corral might be not too far anyway, so it might be that you could end up in the 1st

Michael said...

Thanks for the feedback. A friend of mine did it last year and was in the second corral with a time of 2h59... I was wondering where the cut might be. What did you make of the race, were the hills toward the end that bad?

Marc said...

It doesn't take sub-zero to freeze them off when riding a bike.

Good call on the light run...too bad about the ice bucket being dumped on you though.

Hope the recovery from the cold continues to go well for you. I cannot believe you went out the other day. Usually a head cold beats my creature of habit into submission.

by7 said...

my 2h53' in 2007 granted a bib #1809, so already "at the back" of the 2nd corral. I did remember that that year the cut for the first corral was around 2h48/49'..
do not make an issue on it because the road is very large and Boston goes for pure "chip time", so the start does not affect you too much.
The hills: the hills themselves are nothing special, but obviously you have already 16 Miles in your legs.
My 2 tips would be:
- the first 13 Miles are net downhill, but there are plenty of rebounds. Take the rebounds easy, otherwise you cut your legs... I felt very good to run with a HRM, so I did avoid overpushing on the rebounds
- after the 4 Miles of hills, you have basically a long 6 Miles dive towards Boston. So if you spare something on the hills, you can pick up the pace and pass droves of other runners if the legs are still responding. Obvioulsy being the last 10km, the legs are not responding fully, but being decently fresh can make a huge difference in this downhill stretch. If the legs are already "locked", than it is just shuffling to the finish line without taking advantage of the course.

Anonymous said...