Sunday, October 5

Boston 2009

“This is to notify you that your entry into the 113th Boston Marathon on Monday, April 20, 2009 has been accepted, provided that the information you submitted is accurate.”

I’m in!

I enjoyed a solid weekend of running, nothing groundbreaking but consistent enough to build a foundation. Saturday saw Rumon, Hicham and I retrace the route that Ian showed me last Sunday. This course still stands as my local favourite. I was surprised at my pathfinding ability as we only strayed off course twice and given the perverse nature of the route, I consider it quite remarkable.

I’m contemplating running the BC Cross Country Championships in a few weeks (as a Master). My fitness level isn’t even close to what I had hoped it might be (I always seem to run faster when I’m alone) but it would be a good experience and provide some entertainment (for others). With this in mind, I’ve signed up for an 8-k road race this weekend which is going to be a very rude awakening.

Onward and upward, right?

Saturday: undulating 1:41:31
Sunday: easy 1:01:44 with 4x gentle strides


Cliff said...

Hi Michael,

I guess the email is a good reminder that training is going to ramp up soon... :)

What's your plan for the 8 k? Go out hard and hold it and hope to finish before the wheels fall off??

Brad Cunningham said...


I feel as though I have been reunited with a lost love! I will be over for the 8k this weekend and then you can come over for BC's and stay with me! All is well in runnerland!

I am also interested in this new route that Ian has shown you. Very interested.


Love2Run said...

I see you are now committed to a long winter of training. But wait! You don't get winter out your way do you? Enjoy the x-country season.

Anonymous said...