Monday, October 20

Cruel and Unusual

Random thoughts…

While sipping a cup of day-old coffee, I checked the weather forecast, “a chance of rain”. Bugger. I then proceeded to get ready for my jog into work in between spending a few precious moments with the baby, and letting the cat out... wasn’t raining yet. Ten minutes later I was out the door and cursing under my breath as a light rain had started to fall. Damn it. To make matters worse, once reaching work and making my way over to the gym where I shower, I noticed a piece of paper tacked to the change room door, “no hot water”. Feck. Though I suppose the real kicker was hearing from a colleague that water issue was fixed not 30’ after I left. Still, my legs felt good and I can guarantee being the most alert individual in the office this morning.

I signed up for the Provincial Cross Country Championships this weekend in Vancouver. This will be my first sanctioned XC event and although my fitness isn’t there, I’m really looking forward to the experience. I was so excited on the way home that I swung by the running shop and picked up my first pair of XC flats… the Saucony Kilkenny (spikes and all).

Fun and games.

Oh yeah, if you have either:

a) run the Ottawa Marathon;
b) run the Dublin Marathon;
c) are about to run a marathon;
d) own a pair of running shoes; or
simply need a good laugh, check out the following link as columnist Andrew Braithwaite prepares for Dublin.

Lastly, I’d be remiss if I didn’t also congratulate Cliff who ran a Marathon in Toronto last weekend and in so doing smashed his PB and a few mental barriers along the way.

Training: easy 34:28 2xstrides