Sunday, October 19

Good to be Back

Congratulations go out to Mike for his solid performance at the PEI Marathon where he finished with a stellar time of 3:21:06 and to Grellan who despite having difficulties with his calf persevered for a 3:45:07 in Amsterdam. I want stories.

After forcing myself to endure an easy week in an attempt to kick this dastardly cold, I decided to wind things back up this weekend. With Carter lacing his shoes with far more frequency, it wasn’t too difficult to convince him to join me for a workout. We jogged our way over to CHGC and after warming up under a hot autumn sun began what unfolded into an enjoyable session: 4x2’ (1’) + 6x1’ (30”) + 10x30” (30”). It was great having someone to keep me honest whether in my attempt to chase him down or having him shouting encouragement. Notwithstanding my laboured breathing, my legs felt smooth and I started to feel like my old self again.

Fast forward a few hours, and I woke up Sunday morning with a stiff back and an equilibrium that was cockeyed. Like the Irish Rovers say, “it might have been the whiskey”, but this time I assure you it wasn’t. I walked around the house for a good hour feeling remarkably like you would after a beer mile. Easing into the morning with some Neocitran and coffee, I later decided to give my long run a go, picked up Sam, and made our way over to Beaver Lake. From there we looped around what has now become old faithful, but not before me breaking out into an unnatural sweat after running for only a few minutes. I know I’m not in top shape but it was ridiculous. The run was good but Sam unfortunately rolled his ankle half way through and had to make his own way home, flagging down a good samaritan on the back roads of Thetis. I continued (he told me to, honest) and felt surprisingly strong if it wasn’t for the last hill on our route… it’s a bastard.

Thursday: easy 41:18 with 4xstrides
Friday: easy 36:34
Saturday: 1:09:33 with 4x2’ (1’) + 6x1’ (30”) + 10x30” (30”)
Sunday: easy 1:39:05