Sunday, October 12

Royal Victoria 8-k

Perhaps I should’ve done what Thomas suggested, “It's probably too late now, but only run the race if you're feeling ok”, if nothing else I would’ve saved my ego a beating. I crossed the finish line nearly two full minutes slower than I did in the spring, and had I run an equivalent 10-k, 37:17, it would’ve been my slowest in nearly twelve years.


The race started okay, running only a few steps off Brad’s shoulder for the first kilometer and splitting in 3:23. From that point onward, my pace started to go askew and unlike most races where I find the positioning settles during the first third, Sunday was nothing but a slow bleed.

I tried a few times to hook onto the heels of passing runners but found I lacked strength. I’m willing to attribute some of my sub-par performance to my cold, maybe 20%, but most is due to a lack of conditioning. Truth be told, I only finished 22” off what I feared might happen.

All is not bad though. The race was an honest assessment of where I’m at and although a rude awakening will only help keep the fire stoked as the winter rains settle in.

Race results here.

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving.

Training: 1:02:08 with Royal Victoria 8-k in 29:22, 3:41 km/pace, 4th AG


Cliff said...

Hey Michael,

Hope you are getting better from the cold and have a good thanksgiving dinner with your family..


Chris said...

Better to have tried than to later say, what if? eh!!!

Nice try anyway, if anything you had a great workout.

Thomas said...

I had a truly awful 10k in June, and that's where I learned that there is no point in racing if you're not feeling well. I had another 10k 3 weeks later, and ran over 4 minutes faster!

I'm not convinced that this really shows where you are right now. Just forget about it and move on.

Michael said...

Chris, those words sound familiar (thanks).

Thomas, I don't know that I would race again under those same conditions, but the event is the second biggest in town and fun to be involved with. Still, I did learn something.

Marc said...

I agree with Thomas - this is not necessarily a true assessment of where you are at the moment. Thomas provides a fine example, and Andrew, after blowing up in Boston, ran a marathon PR just a month later.

Onwards and upwards.

Love2Run said...

I'd give my eyeteeth for a sub-30 8k. Still a nice effort for an off day I think. Take care of that cold.

Anonymous said...