Tuesday, October 14

Like a Creature of Habit

"I can’t believe the country elected another Conservative government… ‘nough said."

Although I no longer have a sore throat, the cold has moved up and entrenched itself in my head resulting in plugged sinuses and tired eyes. I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoyed being in an all-day council meeting with no room to escape. To make matters worse, it was my first time attending in my new role… and there was absolutely nowhere to hide.

Returning home this evening I walked in the door with my head pounding and wanting nothing more than to fall asleep. Unfortunately, the girls were snoozing on the bed and being a creature of habit I laced up my shoes and was out the door before I knew what happened. In the end, it all turned out for the best as I was treated to a gorgeous sunset and returned home with a clear head.

I had originally planned to do a double workout (today and tomorrow), but I think I’ll keep things light for at least another day. I’ll see how I feel on Thursday.

Monday: day off (unscheduled… sick)
Tuesday: easy 29:42