Friday, October 3

Cross Country Preparation

It always amazes me the tricks my body can play. Typically, but not always, prior to a workout I feel like crap.

This morning was no different.

Once awake, the upcoming session was playing in the background of my mind like a frighteningly sinister orchestral tune. The jog over to CHGC was no different what with my legs feeling heavy and once again unresponsive. Still, with the literal line in the dirt drawn and my watch started, my legs kicked into drive and I was away under truly West Coast fall conditions. Running around the upper loop, I could hear a foghorn in the distance as a steady drizzle poured down. I felt strong, rabid and wet.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. For those racing, Mike and Thomas, all the best. As for me, it’ll be back out onto the trails to try and retrace last weeks epic route.


Thursday: easy 51:10
Friday: 1:10:32 with 2x4’ hard (4’) + 8’ tempo + 2x4’ hard (4’)