Tuesday, October 7

Malay Style Fried Rice

I was supposed to take yesterday off, but after leaving my bike at work last Friday (and not wanting to take the bus), I laced up my shoes and enjoyed a relaxing jog into work it what was my fastest time yet.

Today couldn’t have been more different. At best, it was fecking tragic. Worst, I needn’t go there.

I believe it started with the Malay Style Fried Rice I had for lunch. Jasmine rice, wok fried prawns, chicken and egg with (not so) mild curry spices, Asian greens, sprouts and herbs; you might think it to be a perfect combination? I certainly did.

I wasn’t out the door more than 30” and my stomach was already grumbling, it hasn’t stopped.

Unlike last week where I mentioned, “turning a figurative page in my training”, today the wind blew, my placing was lost and after bumbling the book in my hands I found myself back at the beginning of chapter one.

The hard pieces today felt more like marathon pace, and I felt like a chump. With the wind gusting and me underdressed, I struggled to find form, each minute passing excruciatingly slow. Still, one fortunate thing about running is tomorrow will bring another day and hopefully and much improved experience.

Monday: easy 34:40
Tuesday: 1:18:29 with 6x3’ hard (3’)