Tuesday, January 1

A Year in Review

“Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each new year find you a better man” ~ Benjamin Franklin

The last 12 months has unquestionably been bursting with performance, excitement and anticipation not the least of which has recently kept me on my toes and Ally on strict bed rest. We were off to the hospital again on Friday for a visit with the doctor followed by more tests and examinations. Happily, since that visit both girls seem to be adjusting to the new routine full of relaxation and rest. That said, I wouldn’t want to trade positions with the missus as I’d go stir-crazy. Thanks for all the kind words and encouragement, they’re much appreciated!

Running, wow, where has the year gone? January started with me having just set a marathon PB in Sacramento (2:40:19). Registered to race Boston I was very excited to get the opportunity to participate in an historic event, only to have plans change during week one of the build with the news that I’d managed (with luck) to enter the Flora London Marathon. Although London didn’t go according to plan (3:14:11), I was fortunate to enjoy some experiences along the way: becoming friends with Ben Saunders, setting a half-marathon PB in Comox (1:15:29) and Running the Bulls with Rumon.

Not wanting to let me training go to waste, but more importantly needing to vindicate myself, I decided to race Ottawa five weeks later and ran a successful 2:45:09. Since Ottawa my days have never been dull:

  • I broke my arm (radial head) while downhill mountain biking on my stag, three weeks before the wedding (thanks RC);
  • I enjoyed a fantastic wedding with family and friends, the doctors gift, me being able to remove the cast and sling;
  • A week after the wedding, Ally and I were surprised and happy to find she was pregnant; and
  • A day prior to leaving for our honeymoon (what I’d give to be back on the beach in Maui), we purchased our first house.

    Amidst all these activities I managed to a) run a total of 4,434 kilometers for the year (approximately 2,772 miles), and b) be fortunate enough to be supported by a great wife. Thanks for reading and I wish everyone a happy and successful 2008!

    Friday: 44:06 with 10’ tempo
    Saturday: hilly 1:11:10
    Sunday: day off