Tuesday, June 26

Humidity and humility

The preceding few Tuesdays have gradually unfolded into a group run of sorts, and today was following in similar footsteps. After a bout of emails, and Brad acting as chauffer, four of us had planned on meeting at my old campus for a stroll through the grounds and surrounding quarter. I can’t stress how much I’ve been enjoying the company of late. While perusing my trial(s) of miles earlier this year I’d unknowingly removed myself from the running community, or at least my circle of friends, while nailing a specific workout or pace. No, today was going to be all about friendship and camaraderie and after receiving the promise of a late minute edition, the group was neighboring on grand.

We looped through Henderson a couple times (while waiting for a wayward companion); weaving through the tighter S-curves, raising the odd elbow, something reminiscent of Paul Tracy during last weekends Grand Prix win in Cleveland.

You’d think, or at least I did, that given two of the group had raced on the weekend the pace might be on the pedestrian side. It wasn’t. No, unfortunately for this caboose the run unfolded into something more in keeping to a group of roadies out on a weekend ride. Brad slowly turning up the screws wondering who would cry uncle first (me), Hicham falling for the old, “your shoelace is undone” only to be gapped when looking down. And, wily Trevor, playing possum at the back only to leave me in the dirt, but thankfully showing enough charity to suggest the others slow down and wait… only so they could proceed to drop me again on the subsequent stairs.

No, tonight was good (despite my gripes) and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

Training: 1:01:18 steady