Wednesday, June 6

Like showing up for a blind date 20' late

Today was my first Wednesday night with the clinic. I was anxious and excited and not wanting to disappoint my adidas sponsors even grabbed a pair of shorts out of the laundry basket (the dirty one). After dropping off last nights movie I eagerly made my way to the shop, walking into what I thought was Frontrunners but was more reminiscent of a disturbed hornets nest; there were people absolutely everywhere and to make matters worse I wasn't wearing my glasses (I don't run in them). Luckily, one of the first people I saw, bumped into, was Ann (my co-leader) and she asked me to register latecomers. After all was said and done, and one free entry to the RVM was handed out, the shopped was packed with what looked close to 140 eager runners... what was I doing?

We divided the group into two, and I took what looked like my disproportionately large half (thanks Ann) outside and after reinforcing a few last minute details, i.e., no running yellow lights, please try to be kind to others using the sidewalk, we were off, like a herd of startled wildebeest we headed south toward the waterfront and BHP.

Once at our prearranged meeting place I introduced them to a few easy drills, high knees (A) and butt kicks... I wasn't sure they bought into either but they humored me, I like the group more already. The workout tonight was short, sweet and simple 10x 1' (1') at 5-3 km pace. It was during our third or fourth repetition that I realized, simple for a sub 40' 10k runner and someone who runs 60' are two completely different ballgames. I believe/hope the evening went well, but I couldn't shake the feeling the I was playing catch-up. Like showing up for a blind date 20' late, only to discover she is gorgeous and that now you're gong to have to either charm or grin your way out of a predicament. That actually reminds me of a story but I'll save that for another day...

I couldn't resist another shot of Jocelyn Hill, the place really is spectacular!

Tuesday: day off
Wednesday: 50' easy