Wednesday, June 13

Situation no win

I was so pleased with Monday's run, that yesterday I coaxed Hicham and Trevor into joining me for part of the same, Moss Rock and Government House, with "the" steps near King George Terrace thrown in for good measure. It was great seeing Trevor back out running as he has been plagued with injuries for the better part of a few years. Here is to more of the same (running not the injuries).

Today was clinic day. As it was their first easy week, today's workout was short (8x 100m strides) which meant the warm-up and cool-down were longer... that was the part I forgot to tell them "prior" to starting the run. After taking 25' to run to Oak Bay Track I couldn't help but notice a few sideways glances, no, what was I doing? I was surprised at how many of them had never been on a track before, and as such I reinforced track etiquette (which direction to run, the lanes and the word "track), explained the w/o and then jogged around as they pushed themselves, enjoying the sun for a brief moment as it peaked out between the clouds.

Wanting to have the group back to the store ASAP, I decided to have them run down Fort St., a really long a straight road that went within a block of the shop, perfect I thought. Unfortunately, the road was long, straight, uphill and the wind was blowing in our face. I felt tonight was a no-win situation. My legs felt great both days and I'm enjoying the routine of regular runs again and with company to boot.

Tuesday: easy 1:00:11, AHR 134
Wednesday #1: 12' easy, #2 58:45 easy