Wednesday, June 20

On your left

Yesterday, Trevor and I decided to leave the waterfront alone and follow the Goose inland. It always amazes me the temperature difference less then a kilometer from the water, it was heavenly. Running through town and over the bridge was a bit of a nightmare, but having never been wittiness to the constant stream/tidal surge of commuter traffic (bikes) on the Goose more then made up for it. The best part was how polite a majority of them where, ringing their little bells, "on your left". Being so amused, Trevor and I tossed the idea around having our own bells the next time we run out at the Elk/Beaver.

The run felt comfortable, but whether because of the heat (20C), of cumulative fatigue from the weekend, I was definitely lacking toward the end (which was thankfully all down hill). Come on summer...

Training: easy but steady 1:16:47