Sunday, June 3

Jocelyn Hill

It's amazing how tiring rest and recovery can be. Perhaps it was the lack of stimulus to my body, coupled with last week's marathon but I found myself absolutely exhausted this week.

Good friends of mine are returning to the UK and unfortunately are unable to take their dog (Griffin) with them. They were lucky enough to find a great home for it and as part of a grand farewell we decided to take Grif camping with us one last time. We were fixed for time yesterday and as such spent the night atop a ridge overlooking a great local estuary. The ridge, leading to Jocelyn Hill, is one of my favourite running trails and hiking there yesterday renewed my desire to get back out there soon.

I had hoped to get out for a run today but as Ally and I were away camping and with the clinic on Wednesday, I thought it was the perfect excuse to mix things up. Besides, I wouldn't want my body to become too accustom to a set routine... running on Monday, that'll be a first in a while.

Training: day off, perhaps tomorrow