Saturday, June 23

Stretching it

After not getting half as much sleep as I would've liked last night, I was sceptical about my ability to be even remotely engaging at this mornings clinic. To make matters worse, I would be leading the marathon group in addition to my regular half-marathon group (luckily they run at the same pace, with only a 10' variation in volume). As it turned out, the run was fine and even the weather cooperated (to my surprise) as we looped over the Bay St. Bridge and into Esquimalt, around McCauley Point and back via the Songhees walkway and the Johnson St. Bridge.

With the World U-20 Football (soccer) Championships kicking off in Canada (and some of the first round games being held in Victoria) we were treated to one of the teams going through some of their morning drills and stretches. Actually, it was a day for stretching as after our run, Chris Lamb (a local physiotherapist and ex-cyclist) met the group in the park and walked us through a routine for runners.

It was a good day, hope everyone enjoys the weekend!

Training: easy 1h32'17"